Who We Are

Our Roots

The original founders  owned a precision machine shop called Nichols Machine.  In the 1920’s they developed a high pressure, precision gear pump to process rayon, thus creating Zenith Gear Pump company.  They subsequently saw new applications for their line of precision gear pumps in the precision fluid pumping and in web coating applications.

In 1949 a new company, Acumeter was founded to service these applications.

May Coating Technologies

May Coating Technologies was founded in 1983 by two partners with roots in the precision coating and pumping industries.  May Coating Technologies produced hundreds of high-performing adhesive melters and coating machines serving fortune 500 clients as well as small to medium sized companies.

May Coating Technologies merged with Acumeter in1992.

Acumeter Today

Acumeter has been in the business of melting, pumping, coating, and web-handling machine design for a combined 60 years. Our founders and current owners have extensive backgrounds in manufacturing and industrial machine design.  

We know the importance of machine up-time,
productivity, ease of maintenance, and service after the sale.
Acumeter has numerous patents that attest to our ingenuity, including inventing the inverted-drum style drum unloader.  Our equipment is in operation around the globe.  We want to translate this ingenuity and rich history into a great customer experience for you.  We want to make your next project a success.