Welcome to Acumeter Laboratories

Equipment for Melting, Metering, & Coating of Hot Melt Adhesivies

Custom-designed systems for a wide variety of applications

Hot Melt Processors

Our Hot Melt Processors are built on sturdy frames with cast grids and reservoirs for strength during a life of thermal cycling.

Precision Roll Coating Systems

Acumeter coating systems combine proven engineering technology with decades of experience resulting in very precise and reliable machines.

Why Choose Acumeter?

Acumeter is recognized as a leader in providing hot melt processing and coating equipment due to our high quality equipment, customer-centered designs, and unmatched support.  Our melting, pumping, and coating equipment is used in thousands of field installations world-wide.  Heres what we deliver to our customers:

  • Engineering Excellence – strong machine design fundamentals combined with top-quality components equals unparalleled performance.
  • Support after the Sale – our service is the best in the business with service techs available 24 hours a day.
  • Quality – in the past 25 years we have delivered over 700 machines without a single one returned or performing out of spec.
  • Accuracy – our metering pumps are very accurate and our coating systems achieve very low and accurate coat weights both cross and down web.
  • We Listen to You – Acumeter is interested in your needs and will listen attentively and give you no-nonsense responses.
  • Longevity – we’ve been supporting customers like you since 1949 with trust as the cornerstone of our relationships.

Our knowledgeable staff would like to hear about your project.  If you need to melt, meter, or coat hot melt, call today to speak with one of our engineers.

Service & Support

We at Acumeter fully understand that when your machine is down every second counts.    Lost production at your plant is painful and unacceptable.  Frankly, our service is the best in the business.  We keep a wide range of replacement parts and are able to ship most items the same day.  Longer lead items can be placed on a rush basis.  We have dedicated, knowledgable service techs able to travel on very short notice.