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Bulk Unloaders

Bulk-Fed Hot Melt Processors

  • 4 models available with delivery rates of up to 72, 340, 450, and 900 lb/hr- depending on the rheology of the material
  • Hopper capacities from 75 to 720 pounds
  • Processes chicklets, brick, slab, pellets, flake or molten form
  • Multiple heat zones to minimize thermal degradation

High Volume Bulk-Fed Hot Melt Processors

  • Batch or continuous process supply of waxes and high melt-index polymers
  • Delivery rates of up to 3600lbs/hr depending on the rheology of the material
  • Hopper capacities to 400 gallons
  • Handles material in chicklet, block, slab, pellet, granular, or molten form
  • Multiple heat zones to minimize thermal degradation

Available Options

  • Multiple pumps
  • Multiple discharge pumps
  • Air-operated positive displacement pumps
  • Recirculation
  • Line speed following
  • Additional manifolds for multiple hose outlets
  • Low level alarm and control
  • Inert gas blanketing/ dry air blanketing
  • Flow meters
  • Pressure transducers with display
  • 7 day timer for preset start up of system
  • Standard and custom application nozzles, guns, slot die coating heads
  • Additional temperature zone controls
  • Reservoir shut off gate
  • Pre pump filtration
  • Pump reversing
  • Complete system engineering, design and service
  • Pneumatic conveyor system
  • Super sack discharge system