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Hot Melt Processors


Our Hot Melt Processors are built on sturdy frames with cast grids and reservoirs for strength during a life of thermal cycling.  Temperature control is precise minimizing adhesive degradation and char.  Acumeter gear pumps have been precisely metering adhesive for many decades.  Strength, control and precision are hallmarks of Acumeter Hot Melt Processors.

  • Continuous Operation: our drum unloaders continuously supply hot melt even during drum changes.
  • Safety: Acumeter machines melt all of the adhesive from the drum and have redundant safety features designed into the machine.
  • Durability: our melters combine strength with precision for years of trouble-free operation.

Pail Series Hot Melt Processors

Optional sizes of 1 gallon and 5 gallon.

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Drum Series Hot Melt Processor

Single and multiple 55 gallon Drum Hot Melt Processors available.

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Bulk-Fed Hot Melt Processors

Process hot melts and thermoplastics in block, chicklet, pellet, flake, or molten form.

Feed manually or automatically with pneumatic conveyers, or super-sack dispensers.

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Custom Hot Melt Processors

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