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Laboratory Coaters

Acumeter offers laboratory and pilot coaters for your research and development needs. These are small, fully operational coating systems designed for ease of use and low cost.

Laboratory Coater/ Laminator Bench Top Model LH-4

General Specifications

Coating Method: Slot die against coating roll or in air

Coating Weights: 10-85 GSM (.005mil-3.5mil) Dependent process parameters

Coating Widths: Up to 6.0” (152mm) standard; 8” (20.3cm) optional

Web Speed: 0-100FPM (0-30 M/M)

Web Width: 9” (230mm) maximum

Lamination: Manually adjustable

Hot Melt Reservoir: 200cc capacity, stainless steel, with a precision gear pump and adjustable dc drive; reservoir/ gear pump assembly dismantles quickly for ease of cleaning

Melt Rate: Dependent upon adhesive formulation

Temperature Range: Up to 425EF (218 EC)

Viscosity Range: Up to 100,000 cps- depending on adhesive formulation

Unwind/ Rewind Roll Size: 8” (20.32cm) diameter maximum

Web Tension: Manually adjustable

Controls: PLC/ HMI control of temperature, metering pump and web drive; requires 115 VAC, 2.5kw, 50/60hz

Coater Dimensions: Length 45” (115cm), width 25” (66cm), height 33” (84cm), weight 300lbs (136kg) uncrated

Optional Equipment: Larger Hopper; intermittent control package; spray; multi-bead extrusion head; chill roll; additional slot die coating nozzles 3-8” width; remote unwinds and rewinds, speeds to 300fpm

LH-4 Laboratory Hot Melt Coater- Laminator

  • Integrated Microprocessor Temperature and Drive Control
  • Web Speeds to 300 FPM
  • Widths to 8”
  • Precision Gear Pump for Accurate Application
  • 200, 500, or 1000cc Capacity Premelt Reservoir
  • Benchtop Size Footprint
  • Lamination Standard
  • Manual Tension Control
  • Easy to use and Maintain

ALC Laboratory/Pilot Coater-Laminator

  • 1-12” Coat width
  • Up to 300fpm standard
  • 12” Roll diameters
  • .5-50 mil coat thickness
  • 69” Length, 38” Height
  • 200, 500, 1000cc Capacity Premelt Reservoir
  • Lamination Standard
  • Manual Tension Control