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Coating and Laminating Systems

Acumeter can provide unwinds, rewinds, and integrate your other modules to result in a complete coating system.  We can provide multiple unwinds and offer turreting systems where desired.  We can integrate your inspection systems, UV, or Corona treatment systems.  We can simplify your project.

We Provide a Single Source, Integrated Approach for Web Handling, Slot Die Coating, & Hot Melt Delivery Systems

Standard Adhesive Coating Systems-ACS Series

  • We design, specify, source, manufacture, and service all project aspects providing you with a totally integrated system
  • The heavy-duty construction of our equipment will provide you with high quality coating, laminating, rewinding, and slitting
  • Our systems are designed to give you maximum reliability and optimum performance, with minimum maintenance

Dual sideframe CLS with single spindle unwinds and rewind CLS500-2050

Dual sideframe continuous operation CLS with auto unwinds and rewind CLS500-2050

Cantilevered CLS150-300

Standard components:

  1. Coating Die and Mount
  2. Coating Module
  3. Infeed Pull Nip
  4. Operator Control Console
  5. Primary Unwind
  6. Rewind
  7. Secondary Unwind
  8. Thermally-controlled Coating Roll
  9. Thermally-controlled Laminating Roll
  10. Thermally-controlled Chill Roll