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Adhesive Coating Systems

Acumeter coating systems combine proven engineering technology with decades of experience to result in very accurate, reliable machines.  We have hundreds of coating and laminating systems in operation throughout the globe.

  • Rigid Construction: sturdy blanchard ground side plates keep the machine true.
  • Precise Die Mounts: multiple adjustment, very precise mounts result in excellent coat-weight control and repeatability.
  • Slot Die Options: we work with all major slot die manufacturers as well as design and produce our own precision slot dies from 0.5” to 84” wide.

Our specialty is slot die coating, although we do produce roll, gravure, screen, and other coating systems.  We deliver productive, accurate coating systems with very low scrap rates and very high machine up-time.

Coating and Laminating Systems

Acumeter can provide unwinds, rewinds, and integrate your other modules to result in a complete coating system.  We can provide multiple unwinds and offer turreting systems where desired.  We can integrate your inspection systems, UV, or Corona treatment systems.  We can simplify your project.

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Coating and Laminating Modules

Acumeter can provide only the coating module if desired.  Laminating and chilling is added at your direction.  You can provide the unwinds, rewinds or other stations as you see fit.  We will work with your partners to integrate our module into your existing or new machine.  Electrical, PLC control, and mechanical integration can be managed with your partners.

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Laboratory Coaters

Acumeter offers laboratory and pilot coaters for your research and development needs. These are small, fully operational coating systems designed for ease of use, flexibility, and low cost.

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Custom Coaters

Acumeter has produced many different coating and laminating systems over the years.  We have coated materials as diverse as diabetic test strip reagent to asphalt.  Our affiliation with Adherent Laboratories allows us to run lab trials of your materials on our machines to further refine a machine specification.

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