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Filtration Systems

  • Designed for Filtration of Heated Thermoplastic Material
  • Inline and Free Standing Systems
  • Easily Accessible Heavy Duty Filter Cartridges
  • Various Filter Cartridge Styles and Mesh
  • Single or Multiple Cartridge Designs
  • Internal Static Mixer Options
  • Multi Input Ports Options
  • Filtration systems up to 2400 lbs/ hr
  • Temperatures to 450F
  • Stainless Steel filter cartridge construction
  • Pressure and temperature sensor porting options
  • All critical surfaces are non-stick coated for ease of clean up and minimize build up
  • Electrically heated
  • Complete system engineering, design and service providers


Inline units are used just prior to an applicator and typically are mounted directly onto slot die applicators. They are designed to minimize pressure drop and operate under high pressure, while delivering thoroughly mixed and filtered thermoplastic material to the slot die. They use a single stainless steel filter cartridges in combination with a static mixer. They feature an easily accessible filter cartridge that can be quickly changed without disconnecting the supply hose.


Freestanding units are used for inline filtering of thermoplastic materials. Designed to freely stand on the floor or framework, they contain NPT input and output ports for easy connection to flexible heated hoses or piping. This style is used to filter material prior to packaging or between a surge tank and distribution manifold/system. They use stainless steel filter cartridges that are accessible through removal of the output cap. Freestanding units are available in various sizes and configurations to handle batch-to-batch as well as continuous operation processes.