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Gear Pumps

Acumeter offers positive displacement gear type metering pumps used for a wide variety of fluids. We have thousands of gear pumps operating in the field. Our pumps are precise and rugged for a long reliable life.

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Dispense Valves

Acumeter dispense valves handle a wide range of fluids including PSA’s, PUR’s and filled materials. Designed for high volume with low pressure drop through the valve, they are ideal for tan k and roll coater filling. We offer an array of nozzle styles and orifice sizes for all bead and caulking applications.

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Acumeter filtering systems are used for filtration of heated thermoplastic materials. Available in free-standing and applicator mounted in-line versions through a range of 200 lbs/hr to 2400 lbs/hr. All versions use easily accessible stainless steel filter cartridges.

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Acumeter manifolds distribute multiple heated thermoplastic fluid streams. Streams may be metered to feed multiple application heads or valves with precise amounts of your fluid for repeatable applications.

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